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Scratch Tutorial - Space Shuttle Mission STS-2020

Scratch tutorials for creating a space shuttle mission game.

In these tutorials, kids learn some of the basic concepts of Scratch, as they build a space shuttle mission game. Step by step, the tutorials take kids through the process of building the game. The tutorials are intended for beginners as well as more advanced learners.


Here's the game description (from the website):

  • Mission:  You are the Commander Of Space Shuttle Mission STS-2020 to Space Station Freedom. You have to dock the Shuttle to the Space Station. To dock, you have to rotate the Shuttle to 90 degrees and touch the docking light.   While working outside the Shuttle, one of your crew's Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU) fails to work and he is drifting out into space.  An Alien spaceship appears and is trying to capture your crew member.
  • You must destory the alien spaceship to rescue your crew member.
    You only have 3 missiles and the Alien spaceship is fast.
  • Score:  10 points for docking the shuttle. 5 points for hitting the Alien spaceship. -5 if you miss
  • To Win:  You have to destroy the Alien spaceship and rescue the astronaut.


Lesson Overview: