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Scratch Video Lessons

Eight video lessons recorded to go with the Shall We Learn Scratch Programming E-Book.

There are eight video lessons currently 

1. Create a Sprite

2. Dance

3. Dance to the Beat

4. Sprite Interaction via Variable

5. The Pong Game

6. From Scan to Sprite

7. Working with the Stage

8. Stories to Animations Part I




Aswin Yang

Jessica, Thanks. = )

Jessica Chiang

 You are very welcome! I hope you find them helpful. 

Daniel Green

Thanks, Jessica, that is an excellent resource.  You probably want to edit your URL so that it points to:




instead of: 




  Best regards, 


-- DanG / Daniel Green / Oracle Corporation / Kansas City Computer Club

Jessica Chiang

 Thanks for pointing this typo out :-) I've corrected the link.