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Scratch2 and Arduino

Connecting Scratch2 to Arduino easily, thanks to s2a from Alan Yorinks.
I translate what I have already published in French : I made a software to make easier the command of an arduino card by Scratch2 blocks. It can control Scratch2 & s2a seperatly and the most simple way for kids.
It's translated in French and English but evryonecan help to internationalize everything !
The soft are portable for windows use.

What is s2a ???
It's made by Alan Yorinks to communicate with an Arduino card :

You can download everything on Github (direct link :, then you uzip it and you just have to launch s2a.exe.

If you are a beginner, you can find help here: and watching videos below (sorry, they speak in French...) :

Installation :

First use :

Any help, comment, idea, are welcome !
And any help for the wiki too...