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ScratchEd Summer Series: Designing a Learning Manifesto!

Kick off your summer of creative computing by grounding yourself with a learning manifesto!!

Why write a learning manifesto?

Writing a learning manifesto before diving into a project is a way to ground and center yourself around your values and design aspirations for an experience. We created the ScratchEd Meetups manifesto as a way to align our shared sense of what a meetup looks like, how we want it to feel, and what we want the experiences to evoke:

Similarly, in T-550, a course we teach at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, students create learning manifestos as a means of processing and imagining what they want their ideal learning environments to look and feel like:


As you dive into creative computing this summer, we invite you to ground your learning by generating your own learning manifesto.

Learning Guide

We've created a short guide to get you started on your manifesto! Feel free to print, share or remix it— this process is for you, so take what you need and leave the rest! You can download these files as PDFs also. 

After you make your manifesto, we invite you to share it with us on Twitter (@ScratchEdTeam) or Facebook (  with #creativecomputing 

Tips Sheet