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Short story

How to use the "When space key pressed", "broadcast _" and "When I receive _" blocks.

This is a lesson plan which demonstrates two applications using a short story.

1. How to use the "When space key pressed" block.

2. How to use the "broadcast _" and "When I receive _" blocks.

Lesson plan

1. Download the project.

2. View the project with your students.

3. Point out to the students that the "When space key pressed" block sets off an action or a series of actions.

For example, ask the students  to press the space key while you are still at point 3 and see what happens... The whole sequence after that command is repeated.

4. Now bring their attention to the pair of blocks which control the conversation between Scratch cat and Spotty fish. You may want to ask them to identify the two relevant control blocks.

5. See if they can see the sequences needed to generate a conversation using the  "broadcast _" and "When I receive _" blocks.

6. ACTIVITY - student work

Students are to create a project using these three blocks: "When space key pressed", "broadcast _" and "When I receive _".

7. Enjoy!