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Starting from Scratch

An introductory course in computer science using Scratch.

As part of my secondment to the Royal Society of Edinburgh (Scotland’s national academy) and the British Computer Society, I’ve developed a series of resources aimed at supporting the teaching of computer Science in early high school.

Starting from Scratch is the first resource in the series and introduces learners to computer science via Scratch. Each resource comprises both learner and teacher materials:



Introduction & investigations
background computer science study

Example projects for students to create with:

  • Tutorial screencasts
    these may also be viewed on the RSE's YouTube channel

  • Box-outs
    to highlight key CS principles and ideas

  • Core tasks
    so that all learners can achieve success

  • Extension tasks
    to explore ideas further and stretch students

  • “Did you understand?” exercises
    assessing students’ “deep understanding” of computational thinking principles

Group project



Background and pedagogy

Setup and other practical issues

Suggested approaches

Lesson materials including:

  • screencasts

  • sample apps and media files

  • exemplar solutions

  • student tracking

Mapping to curricular experiences and outcomes
- but a flexible resource that any teacher can follow and adapt to local circumstances



Suzanne Collins

 Great Resource! I used this last year with advanced sixth graders and will be using it again this year. Really well organized, very useful tutorials and projects. Thanks so much!

Suha Aktan

 Very well done.

Can I translate 'Starting from Scratch' and base my non-commercial work on it? Of course with all the acknowledgements!


 this is great ressouces

thank you so'much


Mark Willis

Fabulous! Been working on similar tutorials.