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STRETCh with Scratch

Classroom 2.0 webinar on infusing Scratch projects within the K-8 curriculum


Click on the link above to be taken to the webinar recording! 


Participant comments:

This was a "stretching" experience.

I was made aware of so many things I do not know about.

She made me eager to learn.

Yes, but perhaps an actual demo of a simple project would have been good.

Definitely I learned much more than I expected.

" My expectations were met Definitely

- I was afraid that it was going to be a basic "how-to" session but Heidi showed a lot of great curricular connections!

More than met, exceeded Absolutely!

Great work by Kim and Peggy :)

Wonderful presentation!

More than expected. I am planning a day with my students and I got a lot of good ideas and examples from todays session.

Excellent PD. In depth discussion about the philiosophy of STRETCh.

My expectations were exceeded!

Excellent experience, will join for more sessions.


Today was great. I was hoping to learn how to better integrate scratch into my curriculum and this was perfect!

Warren Kelly
The presentation won't work :(