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Time to Think

This project is a first of a series of projects on "Thinking".

I copied this from my post (with some edition) in the Scratch PLC "project sharing" page.

24 JANUARY 2010 - Ai Boon

Time to Think

I must thank Karen Randall (  for making me really think about what I want to teach. I have yet to teach any Scratch lessons on a formal basis. However, I decided to share a project based on how I would like to use Scratch to teach the stuff I love. Please see

Time to Think 1 is a project which I created for discussion. It is based on the idea that children can use Scratch to express their thoughts and emotions through drawing projects or through story projects. In this lesson, the children listen to the poem ( I will read the whole poem in class). Then discussion follows. After that, they Scratch one of the given options.

The reason for including option 2 on drawing a background is for those children who cannot express their ideas in story pictures.

Feedback welcome. Do you think this lesson will work and which age group would you suggest I pitch it at? Thank you.

Source: Robert Fisher, First Poems for Thinking