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Use Stage Screenshot feature

Ever need to create a special region on the screen so when the mouse or a sprite enters this region, some action can be triggered?

 Want to know how to use stage screenshots? Ever wonder how to create a background with a special area of the exact length and width? Read on to find out more. We will first draw our background using a drawing sprite, instead of the editor. Say we want our background to contain a special rectangular area that is called HAPPY ZONE-whenever a sprite enter that area it will stay happy. To do so, we will make use of a drawing sprite.

For more info, please reads this article on my site:


Michelle Choi

This is great! I didn't know about the feature. Thanks for sharing.

Is this part of a lesson plan? I'd be curious to hear of any experiences you or your students have had using this. Seems like there are lots of possibilities!

Jessica Chiang

You are very welcome, Michelle ^_^ This is more of a tip than a lesson. But I've used the same concept in creating the 2D grid background on the stage, for math lessons.