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Virtual Sensor Board

Try out all those projects with sensor features without a board! Software-based sensor board for Scratch: Mac OS 10.5 Leopard (or higher)-Beta Version

If anyone is interested in trying out a BETA version of a Virtual Scratch Board, it is available for Mac OSX-Leopard or higher ONLY- 

Since not everyone is able to afford an actual board (especially schools on a low budget) I  was able to talk my programmer son into creating a version of the board that runs as an application on your computer and is able to appear like a physical board to Scratch. This allows you to build and test projects without access to a Picoboard and, if and when you do get one, use the Picoboard instead with little or no changes to your code! It works as a computer app and appears as a physical board to Scratch. Build and test without access to a PicoBoard.

This is great for a Mac Lab situation where there is not enough ScratchBoards, building and testing at home, or just trying out sensor projects that others have done.

If there is a demonstrated need, he is willing to continue development. Please feel free to email feedback and bug reports to the email listed on the Virtual Sensor instruction page.


See links BELOW for a demonstration video, and instructions and download page.

**Note: How to run has been added to instruction page!

Betty Norman

I tried to install it on my mac and couldn't see the "show package contents in my scratch application. I did the   right (or control) click it and didn't see "Show Package Contents..." Am I looking in the wrong please. I hope you can guide me through this set up.

Stefano Federici

If you don't have a Mac but are still curious about the Sensor Board, have a look at the very nice SensorBoard Simulator project by Chalkmarrow.

Kris Swanson

 Wow, this is great!  Please thank your son for his efforts!

Eric Carson

Very cool idea!  And thanks for the clear, step-by-step instructions for how to install it.  I'll be sharing this with a lot of people.

Karen Brennan

This is so exciting! I can't wait to play with it...