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WeDo and Scratch

A link to the LEGO WeDo resources page on the Scratch website.

This page on the Scratch website gives information and resources on how to get started with the LEGO WeDo Construction Kit in Scratch. It links to a simple guide with videos on how to get started, starter projects, inspiration and themes for project ideas, and a reference sheet.

Urso Wieske

 Hi Michelle,


Thanks a lot for the information.


Kind Regards


Urso Wieske

 Hi Michelle et al,


I am preparing a proposal for starting a project at a primary school. The school is currently using XO (OLPC laptops) and I want to continue to build on top of these laptops. I want to use Scratch and LEGO We Do on the XO's.


Do you know if there have been projects around the world based on XO, Scratch and LEGO We Do?

Are there any shareable documentations on XO, Scratch and LEGO We Do?


Kind Regards,

Urso Wieske 

Michelle Choi

Hi Urso,

I only know of a few projects that use the XO laptops and WeDo. Here is one from the San Francisco OLPC branch that used the WeDo with the XO. -

You might also be interested in engaging with the OLPC community to find others using the WeDo with Scratch and the XO. 

I don't know of other documentation specifically for the XO, but if you're looking for WeDo/Scratch project ideas, here are some other WeDo activities from ScratchEd:

And here is a discussion forum about the topic. Perhaps there might be educators there that you could connect with? -

Hope this is helpful. I'd love to hear more about your project as it progresses and I'll keep you posted if I hear of any other resources that might be useful for you.


Urso Wieske




Dear Michelle,


I have sent you an email but apparenty there was a problem with the mailserver.


You requested to keep you posted on the latest development of my project.


I have been talking lately with a school principal in Curacao.

I live in Netherlands, but I was born and raised in the Caribbean. I have got a chance to study at Leiden University in Europe and now I want to give back.


Since yesterday I am a proud owner of Lego WeDo.

Next step is to combine WeDo with Scratch and eventually develop a curriculum (set of activities) for the school of the principal.


First I need to understand WeDo and Scratch myself. I also need to come up with some "training kit" for teacher, as they are the ones who need to pass on the knowledge to the children.


Do you have any suggestions where I can start and get information on "teaching the teacher"? Since our last communication, do you know whether there have been new activities and progress on the subject: WeDo/Scratch?


Best regards

Urso Wieske

Haarlem, Netherlands