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I wish I can drive two motors with the WeDo interface...

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PK Shiu

I am not sure if this is the right area to post this question/suggestions -- is there a way to drive two motors with the standard wedo setup? We have just started using the WeDo board with Scratch, and often wish we can have dual axis control...

Any creative ideas?



Heino Wachter

Please refer to thread <url></url>

Anders Berggren


Hmmm... if you use Scratchclone S4A and an arduinoboard... but wait a minute it´s an answer to another question.

I haven´t tried, but the WeDomotor is to expensive to experiment with so maybe it´s not a good idea. But there are cheap DC-motors...

But it´s not a solution... but if, hmm, you make a legobrick with a special connector you don´t have to damage anything... and buy an arduinoboard. I´ve seen someone who built something like that

I must try... :)


Karen Brennan

Hi P.K.,

This is definitely something that people want to be doing (e.g., but unfortunately it's not possible.

I, too, would like to know if anyone's come up with some interesting workaround!