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Coding Misconceptions

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ScratchEd Team

We're curious to learn about common coding misconceptions that your students encounter while creating Scratch projects.

What do your students find confusing? Where do your students get stuck?

Howard Kiyuna
I tolerate the rotation style mentioned by others because my younger students are not ready to discuss x and y and integers. 
Peter Ross
Yes, roatation style drives them (and me) nuts.

I would also like to see "When this spite clicked on" go back to "When [name of sprite] clicked on"

Students someties confuse the new sprite and new costumes button, since they both use the same icon. 

Karen Brennan
Another common point of confusion: rotation style. As documented in the Scratch wiki...

Why does my sprite look upside-down when it changes direction?

Due to the default rotation style, sprites rotating will appear upside-down. You can change the rotation style using the buttons near the top of the middle pane of the screen. "Left-right" is most likely the best for this. Learn more »

Karen Brennan
The concept of initialization frequently trips up my students...