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Ways for students to share their scratch projects

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Patrick Bacalis

I am teaching a short (8week) computer programming class using scratch.  This is the first time I have taught this so I am learning as I go.

I am looking for a quick and easy way for my students to share their projects with each other and with me so I can look them over and give them a grade and suggestions.

I was hoping there was a way that I could create a studio and have kids share their projects with the studio so that everyone would have access to them.  I cannot seem to find a way to do this on the scratch website.  

Any teachers out there who might have some suggestions?  Anything is greatly appreciated.
Sheilagh Flanagan
@Patrick: I had the exact same idea, creating a class account and then creating a studio within that account.  But when I tried to find the studio logged in as myself, I couldn't find it.  Any advice?  It would be wonderful to be able to have a place where students could upload their individual work, and then as the curator/teacher, I could group the projects according to specific assignments or grade level.  And I was also wondering how to keep others from posting their creations in the same studio...

If anyone comes up with an easy, workable solution, please share! Thanks!
Kathy Donovan
Patrick: thanks. I was thinking about doing the same thing and you are confirming some of the things I suspected  would happen! Yesterday I tested out using Edmodo to post an URL of a Scratch project files. It worked well. Now, at least I know a student could post to the group: "here is my lateset scratch project" with URL for others to FIND it easily and comment on it BUT lke you said I do not thinki there is any easy way to have a student Portfolio of projects in Scratch for our students to easily find. Most of us eductaors know that the best online resource is one that allows more classroom control. Web 2.0 sites like EDUglogster and Edmodo get it and I know Scrtach will too eventually! The trick is to keep design a place in the site for teachers and students to collaborate as a private group, but also allow enough open-ness (public) to share with others in the public Scratch community. 

I too am learning as a I go. As always, I love to learn with the kids-- I just try to stay one step ahead of them! They always teach ME how to teach THEM! :) I am using MIT course currciulum (just trying to update pages to relfect Scratch2.0) but I also provided them with Super Scratch 2.0 Programming Book and told them they can work those exercise at home. 
Patrick Bacalis

I was able to create a studio on the scratch website for my class.  The hard part was there seems to be no way to "invite" students to the studio.  So each student had to search for and find the studio then "follow" it (using the search function then selecting "studios").  Once there they could add their project to it.

The bummer is there is no way for me or them to organize it.  I wish there was a way to create folders or something like that.  So all their different projects are just "loose" within the studio.  So when I want to watch them for grading purposes I have to search them and find them. 

So it is not perfect but at least the students can see each other's projects and make comments etc.

Hope this helps!
Kathy Donovan
 Patrick: I was thinking the same thing today! I am running a pilot program with a group of 8th graders here in Central NY and since we can only meet once in a 6 days cycle, I am using Edmodo to commnicate with them and files and assignmnets BUT I too  would like a studio space we could all have in Scratch and add things to for eacy access. I know we can seach for files but maybe there is a easier way...