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Notes from Robotics Breakout session, Saturday, August 11, 2012

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Sarah Johnson

Notes for Robotics Discussion

August 11, 2012


Led by:  Abdulrahman Idlbi



Kim Sivick

Anna Nunez

Vonda Brown

Linda George

And a whole lot more people



2 extensions supported officially in Scratch

            others available for Lego Mindstorms, Aduino, Lego Wedo, Pico Board or Scratch board, etc.


            Lego Wedo developed by Kindergarten group so Scratch can work with them


Can use Enchanting for Robolab and other modifications to Scratch, as well as others

            With all of the enhancements to Scratch, they work but cannot be uploaded to the website


For Pico board, connect it via USB, then go to Sensing in Scratch, check the slider sensor, and make cat move according to the slider value, with a forever loop and set x to slider sensor value


            Can make the cat jump by using the button pressed and changing y in a forever if loop


            Also, 4 resistance sensor values


Forever loop,           

Play note value of sensor A = resistance sensor for .5 beats, using the clips along the strip of water

                        As resistance changes, the note changes


A search on Kinect2Scratch will get a free download for moving sprites from sensing body

            Using kinect game controller and Scratch


Now with Lego Wedo, can use tilt and distance sensors to make the bird fly across the screen


Can make all kinds of animations and games using these controllers



Set y to distance sensor value A

If tilt sensor value = 4,

            Change x by -5

If tilt sensor value = 2,

            Change x by 5



Another link




Moteor direction reverse

Motor on for 1 second


Will make the dragon’s mouth open and close


If go to sites for any of the physical controllers, can download the drivers, usually free

Moti Ben-Ari


others available for Lego Mindstorms

I have used Scratch with LEGO WeDo (see some project suggestions on, but I'm interested in using it with Mindstorms. Could someone please give me a link that explains how to do this?

On a related topic: Tom Lauwers is working on Snap! support for the Finch robot: