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Scratch V2.0 Breakout Session - August 11, 2012 with Mitch Resnick

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Joy Wolfe

Scratch V2.0 Breakout Session - August 11, 2012 with Mitch Resnick

The focus of Scratch v2.0 is to put it on the Web.

Future considerations

  • for a Tablet?  It currently works on the Android but is not good
  • Next big design effort is to have Scratch work on tablets.
  • Add a Scrolling background - multiple requests

v1.4: Currently Scratch works locally on my PC and projects can be uploaded to the Scratch website but I cannot modify a website project’s code dynamically.

v2.0:  There is a new “See code” button and a Backpack area
See code:
  • Displays code: displays a website project sprite and the code for it’s blocks (methods) in a script area
  • Modify code:  Allow me to dynamically change the the sprite’s code and test it.
  • Save blocks:  drag the sprite or the code blocks to my backpack area
  • Use blocks: drag the new sprite or code blocks into my project to use

Sprite (Object) Custom Blocks (Methods with parameters): Sprites can now create reusable code blocks that can be shared among sprites.  For example a Jump block
  • Make Block : creates a custom block or method that is reuseable
    • Click on Make Block - creates a new Brown custom block
    • Name it Jump
      • Up 10
      • wait 1 second
      • Down 10
      • wait 1 second
    • Can drag and drop it
  • Parameter:  To add parameters, Right click on top bar of block
  • New brown Jump block can be dragged to the script area.

Share Block between sprites
  • Drag the new Brown Jump block into the backpack
  • click on new sprite
  • drag up to the new sprite’s script section

Camera Interface - Video Motion blocks
Using the PC camera, the video is full screen covering the entire stage
  • Local motion: Sprite can act up the info and use it to make decisions.  Ex: a balloon senses a hand waving motion and moves to the left or right or “pops”.
  • Global motion - balloon reacts to the general global motion of a person swaying back and forth across the entire screen

Create a clone of a sprite ( Instance) - create a copy of a sprite on the screen (eg. fireworks explode at the same x and y position where you click on a screen or a cat plants a tree and moves 10 steps forward.

Clone is created and positioned at the same x and y position  on the stage based on the center of the calling sprite’s or the mouse.

Example:  A Cat plants trees that grow and move 10 steps
Cat block - Plant a tree
        create clone of tree
        move 50 steps


Tree Clone command: Grow a tree
    Clone startup block
    set size to 10%
    repeat 90
        change size by 1
        wait 0.1 seconds

Create multiple instance of the Tree object on the stage

Paint Editor for Vector Graphics
- This is difficult to make it “easy to use” and it is currently buggy
  • manipulates vector and bitmap graphics
  • create objects
  • Layers: objects are on separate layers
  • move objects with arrow pointer
  • import vector and bitmap graphics
Cloud Variables
write and remember a global variable on a website, which can be used for a group survey or the highest score

Every user who visits the site is given and anonymous ID number and the system keeps track of who visits the site so you can limit everyone to vote only once.  The ID number was implemented for privacy issues.

Note: Scratch website is an open environment and doesn’t allow “private groups” to avoid “unacceptable behavior” so private groups are not allowed.

Teachers can create a Class Gallery so their students can post it a common area.
  • Teacher
    • create a Teacher account
    • create a Class Gallery, where only the students can post to it
    • automatically notifies when there is a new post in the Gallery
    • can delete a student project but cannot modify a student project
  • Students
    • create a student  account
    • post their projects
    • write comments
Anyone can READ the comments and VIEW the projects

Uzi Notev

Where can we check for availability date?

Any plans for maintaining compatibility and / or expanding with BYOB/SNAP?