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Comments on how your students learn

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Scott Olton

Hello, I recently wanted to tell my students of how other people their age learn with scratch as well as show other teachers that it is a good idea to use Scratch

Susan Ettenheim

 Scott - The new curriculum from MIT Media Lab has been very helpful to us.  I just posted over there:

When I started actually using Scratch as a regular part of class last year, I knew those step by step directions that were out on the Internet were not what I wanted but I just didn't know it well enough myself to have put together a curriculum. I worked with an organization that was doing gaming for teens but even they only put together step by step instructions. This curriculum that you put together and the ed community has really enlivened my teaching and has brought out the best in my students!

Scott - My students are 14-17. Yesterday we did a shared Scratch conversation with Betty Pickett's students who are about 13 via Skype video. We had a great time and I think it will inspire both groups to higher levels with Scratch. We'd love to share with your group!










Amanda Ford

Hi Scott

How old are your students that you are working with?

I use Scratch as part of my research to teach children age 8 year old about programming and now us it to teach children 8-12 years old  how to make games. I  have posted on here previous research findings which showed how much children enjoyed working with scratch and how I went about their lessons.

I hope this is of some help to you.


Amanda :)