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The Design Notebook - your opinion please?

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Susan Ettenheim

 I'm working on an online class for Scratch, built along this curriculum draft. For the design notebook, since the students won't be "keeping" their weekly design reflections unless they keep them in a text document of their own and just paste them into the course software (which I will suggest) but still, I'm wondering if it might not be better to have one class blog that is the class Design Notebook and every session, post the design question and have everyone reply to that one post - otherwise it will be only myself and the student who sees the online journal entry which feels like a waste. Thoughts?

Michelle Choi

Hi Susan,

Depending on you and your students' preferences, I can see a case for either pathway. Using the course software and keeping the posts personal might allow students more comfort in sharing their reflections. However, it might also be nice to encourage them to share their ideas with a public audience and offer a space for feedback, which then the class blog sounds like a great idea.

You might be interested in checking out these posts from other educators who implemented the design journal in different ways:

Other educators have created journals through Google Doc. For example, see Eleanor Cerny's Show & Tell video about it here -

Let me know what you decide!