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Scratch Curriculum Guide Overview: A ScratchEd Webinar on Monday, August 22 at 7pm EDT

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ScratchEd Team

August 2011 Webinar: Scratch Curriculum Guide Overview
Monday, August 22, 2011

7pm-8pm EDT

Hosted by Karen Brennan

Want ideas for how to introduce Scratch? Join us in the August webinar for a walkthrough and discussion of our draft Scratch curriculum guide, and exploration of how the guide supports design-based approaches to cultivating computational thinking.

Join the webinar at 7pm EDT on August 22 at


ScratchEd Team

The webinar recording and presentation slides can be viewed here:

Karen Brennan

Hi Susan,

Michelle's working on posting the recording as I type. :) Also, we'll be doing a repeat of the presentation as a part of tomorrow's workshop, if that helps...

Thanks -- and looking forward to seeing you!


Susan Ettenheim

 Any chance you could put the recording online so we could reference it before the workshop tomorrow? Thanks!