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Scratch Educator Meetup @ MIT: Saturday, February 19, 2011

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Karen Brennan

It's time for the monthly Scratch educator meetup at MIT -- hope to see you there!

Scratch Educator Meetup: February 2011
Saturday, February 19, 2011
MIT Media Lab

Want to learn more about Scratch?
Want to meet other Scratch educators and share ideas?

Join us at MIT Media Lab for a three-hour BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) meetup for educators, where we will:

  • explore the core ideas underlying Scratch
  • share strategies for integrating Scratch into classroom practice
  • develop greater familiarity with Scratch through hands-on activities
  • introduce you to ScratchEd, a companion website where educators share their Scratch ideas, experiences, and resources

The meetup is open to all Boston-area educators, including those that have no previous Scratch experience. We particularly encourage educators from the same school, program, etc. to attend together as a group. Registration is limited to 40 people. The workshop is free and includes lunch.

Ready to register?
Register online at


Vicki Gold

Another thought is I can share the Scratch work of one  talented student that has now gone on to java.  One interesting detail is even as he was beginning  to build projects in java he would duplicate the same work in Scratch but would add music. The addition transforms the projects.



Vicki Gold

Hi Karen,

The potential topics that I'd like to investigate at the Meetup are fun ways to use the pico board for the kids I tutor, or start creating small simulations of an Asteroid game for next years High School's introduction to Object Oriented programming course. If anyone is interested in either topic it would be fun to work together.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.



Tom Kowalczyk



I am interested in the application of the SCRATCH variant that is used to program the Arduino board.


Karen Brennan

Hi Tom,

Me too. :) Unfortunately, I don't know much about Modkit, beyond the website...



Anders Berggren

Try the S4A scratchclone. I have tried S4A with arduino uno, it works well... but you can´t upload the scratch program in a normal way (you must keep the USB-connection.. I think), but for experimenting with arduino it works nice...

Modkit looks very promising... but it´s not ready yet... a little buggy with firefox.