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Following users in Scratch 2.0

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Patrice Gans

 I am having a hard time locating  my students accounts so that I can follow them (and then add them as curators to my class studios).  What am I doing wrong?  Do they need to have a finished project first?  Is there a sequence of steps that I need to follow.

Ronald Bourret
A simple way to find users is to directly enter the URL of their page:

where xxxxxx is the Scratch user name. For example, my Scratch page is:

Odd that Scratch doesn't support searches on user names. Seems like a simple thing to do.

-- Ron
Patrice Gans
I have been finding that very frustrating.  I have the students share their projects and put them in a studio.  I then will either search for their name, their project name, look in the studio. Unfortunately I don't always find them! I was doing this so that I could combine (re-mix) a completely new project with ALL of their sprites.  It was very frustrating. However, if you just want to look at their projects, I would suggest you have them add them to a studio (which you could set to "open to all")

Recently I had my project open on two different machines, and it saved the project to the older version, so I had to redo the WHOLE thing.  I love Scratch 2.0, but it can be a bit frustrating at times.
Bob Irving
 I'm having the same issue. Every once in a while the students will show up when I search for users. It's kind of frustrating because I'd like to be able to run their scripts and help them.

Michelle Choi
Hi Bob,

I'm sorry you're having trouble finding the student usernames. I like Patrice's suggestion of setting up an open studio, and then having students add their projects . That way, you can organize student work as well as identify student profiles.

I hope that helps. Please share if you have any other strategies.

Michelle, on behalf of the ScratchEd Team
Jessica Hamerly



I am having the same problem you are. I cannot search for users (my students) and they can't find me. This is a problem because this is the way that I access and grad their projects. Ugg.


I tried Michelle Chungs link but nothing came up. When I search for a specific username nothing is found. Nothing is found even if I select All Results.


I wonder if the Scratch team has any leads. It sounds like a bug. I have used both IE and firefox with the same results.


I guess I will just have students email me their projects.


Any ideas???




Medford, MA

Peter Ross

 Students post Scratch links to an Edmodo group?

Patrice Gans

 Hi Michelle,

I was doing that, unfortunately Scratch can't seem to find their account and I don't know why.  Also sometimes when I have them search for me, they can't find me either.  Why is that?  

Is there another place I could enter in their user name?



Michelle Choi

Hi Patrice,

I usually look up people by their usernames at and then click "Follow" on their profile page, or you could have all your students follow you first, and then follow them back. What do you do?