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New Scratch Tutorial Needs Your Feedback

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Robyn Bykofsky

Hi Scratch Peeps,

I would love to hear your feedback on these 2 short Scratch Tutorials for beginners. They look the same but sound different. So I would like hear YOUR opinion on what you like and what you would do differently. Below are some guidelines if you need some prompting You may watch in any order, but please let me know which video you watched first. You post your feedback here or on YouTube

Thank you! Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Robyn Bykofsky








What did you like about this video?

What would you do differently?

Is this video helpful?

Did you like one video better than the other?

If so...
Which video did you like better? Why? Listen Carefully

Do you like how it looks?

What do you like about the looks?

What would you do to make it look different?

Can you see everything clearly?

Sounds (answer for each video)

What do you like about the overall sound?

What you do to make it sound different?

Do you have a favorite sound? If so, which one(s) and why?

Can you hear the narration clearly?

Additional Comments


Dan Schneider



I am new to Scratch and just watched both of you tutorials. I did not notice much if any difference in them.  I watched the SFX version first. I am in need of more tutorials like this as I am going to be trying to have my freshman classes learn to use Scratch.



Robyn Bykofsky

Hi Dan,

Sorry for the big delay in response.  I am in the process of creating more tutorials and having them part of the Scratch website.  In the meantime - you should explore the ScratchEd and Scratch communities - I have noticed several tutorials.  You can also check out - they have many tutorials.  Good Luck!  I will let you know when the ScratchEd folks will be launching the video tutorial web section.


Carl Bogardus

I liked the BG sounds in the first one better also.

Quick short tutorial, nice.

Steve Fines



I liked the bg sounds in the first one better.


Zoom worked well.


If I were just learning this I might think that "Scratch" was called "Rainbow Fish" - i.e. I'd choose a different title / intro.

Rick Ashby

I like the way you were able to zoom in and out and the spyglass effect to focus attention on the mouse movements. 

Some students might benefit from a visual label of each step.  The preview was too fast for me to follow and would definitely be a confusing blur to students unfamiliar with Scratch.  Perhaps replacing the preview with a bulletted list of the steps could solve both of these issues.   Taken out of context,  I'm not sure what you mean when you say  "In Rainbow Fish you will. . ." The tutorial never reffers to "Rainbow Fish," after first line, so I'm left with an unresolved expectation. 

I'm guessing that you are tageting a very young audience with this tutorial.  Perhaps 2nd or 3rd grade students? I  think a more conversational "think-aloud" style might be helpful.  Something like, "I'm creating a game that happens underwater, so I want to get rid of the cat. First I'll delete the Scratch cat by. . . "  or, "I want to make the fish change color with my keyboard so here's what I'll do. . ." 

I think it would be helpful if you demonstrated what the number box in the block does.

I was overstimulated by the audio in this tutorial.  To me, the sound effects in the SFX version were mildly distracting rather than helfpul.  The music track was very distracting to me.  The narration is very clear, but my 9 and 11 year old daughters both commented that the enthusiasm in your voice sounded a bit forced.  My 11 year old would also commented that the "change effect" block changes the appearance of the sprite but does not actually change its color (wich according to her would be done by repainting its costume).   I


Robyn Bykofsky

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm not sure what you mean by...

when you switch over to the costume choice dialog, rather than suddenly appear there, it might be a smoother experience to show where it came from -



Daniel Green

strike the comment, that's exactly what scratch does, as soon as you click the "choose new sprite from file" button, the dialog box is the next thing... it would be cumbersome to edit in some sort of mac-os-x-esque genie effect from button to file dialog and that's not what scratch does anyway.  In the famous words of Emily LaTella.... "never mind"  8^)  Best regards, -- DanG

Daniel Green

Overall -  Really well done, Robyn! 

What did you like about this video? - direct, short, to the point
What would you do differently? - no need for the funky music in the background, if any music is needed at all, I'd try something more peaceful -> have a listen at and although chirping birds aren't necessary, compare to the track where he says, "would you expect this person to ever drive a steady 28 mph?"

- when you switch over to the costume choice dialog, rather than suddenly appear there, it might be a smoother experience to show where it came from

Is this video helpful? - yes

Did you like one video better than the other? - yes, I liked the first one better, the UI sound effects are a nice touch.