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Yes, totally amazing - camspace

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Anders Berggren



Today a young student ,12 yrs, gave me a little hint of website called camspace. You can use a webcam to track things and use the tracking to a mousemove... I´ve had a two hour scratchclass with the students. And he had of course downloaded Scratch. And today he gave me the tip about camspace.


I tried it when I came home.. and yes, it did the tracking.... I tried to use a small colored paper to be tracked and made a small scratchprogram with mouse x/y and I managed to move my scratchsprite with the colored paper... So I couldn´t resist to write in this forum... :)

Now you can track everything, and use it in your scratchprogram.

Every day has something new to be explored,


Mike Renne

 Wow!  This is cool.  Great project for me to work on over our Thanksgiving holiday.  Thanks for the tip!  Scratch's capabilities continually amaze me.

susan evans

I looked into this and am a little bit confused. It seems you can only use their built in games unless you make a controller? Did you make a controller for Scratch? Or am I missing something obvious ..

Steve Fines



This looks like a lot of fun.


I use Macs but am going to put Win on one of them just to try it out.


Another idea is using a Wii remote as the input device,


I haven't tried this yet, but it is on my to-do list.



Terry Smith



Agree - thank you for posting. I'll use it tomorrow in class. Will let the kids go into experimenter mode to discover the possibilities.


Karen Brennan

Very cool! Thanks for sharing...