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Linda George

 Last night was fun! It was great to get to know people on a more personal level. I believe that my husband has my notes from our discussions so when I reconnect with him later on I will see if I can decipher my notes and post them!

Linda George

I found my notes from last night! Here they are:

Haptic=hands on

Don't forget we can LOCK ROTATION so our sprites won't go upside down on us!

To teach sequencing, bring your students to a place like a cafeteria and have them tell each other how to maneuver between the tables and chairs only using words.

Movies discussed:

  • Bottle Shock
  • Sideways


Andrew, maybe you could post your deck-of-cards method to teaching binary.

There were other ideas but these are what I was able to get down on paper...or rather, my placemat! 

We had  a great dinner with all of you. I hope we meet again!

Linda George

 Thanks so much for posting this!

Andrea Vasquez

It was great meeting everyone!