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Do we have any research about SCRATCH showing the importance of SCRATCH for Junior High ?

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Is their any research or study about using SCRATCH in Junior High schools ?  and why it could be important

for the students ?


Jose Manuel Saez Lopez
Dear mates

Visual programming languages integrated across the curriculum in elementary school: A two year case study using “scratch” in five schools
Computers & Education
Available online 10 March 2016
Moti Ben-Ari

Hi Rich,

My group has been doing extensive educational research on learning CS concepts through Scratch by junior high school students. We (my colleagues are Orni Meerbaum-Salant and Michal Armoni) have already published two preliminary reports in ACM CS education conferences and are currently preparing a final report to submit for publication.

The paper "Learning Computer Science Concepts with Scratch" maps various exercises in Scratch into a new cognitive taxonomy that combines the well-known Bloom and SOLO taxonomies. It shows what students are capable of learning at this age. The paper "Habits of Programming in Scratch" has some bad news: students develop bad habits of program design. Our overall conclusions are that a good teacher is essential to optimize students' learning - big surprise :-)).

We have some good new coming out: we traced the students who learned Scratch as they learned "real" programming languages in senior high school and found that experience with Scratch significantly facilitates learning. When the teacher starts to talk about loops in Java or C#, the kids say: "Oh, we know all about loops"!

You can download our articles from the ACM Digital Library. If you don't have access, you can download them for free by going to my website, clicking on "ACM Author-Izer" and using the links there.

Best regards,

Moti Ben-Ari

Karen Brennan

You might be interested in Scratch: Programming for All, an article recently published in Communications of the ACM. Also, there is a list of Scratch-related papers and presentations on the Scratch website at

The program from Scratch@MIT 2008 might also be of interest --

Let me know if that helps!



Rich Park

Is Scratch: Programming for All peer reviewed? I could not find this in the citation.

I use Scratch for about 12 weeks in my Middle School class yearly and want to get as much juried content for a paper I'm doing for my Doctorate. This coming school year will be my sixth year (I think) using Scratch.



Natalie Rusk

Hi Rich,

The Scratch: Programming for All article was requested by the editor-- and thus is not peer reviewed.

Great to hear you're continuing to teach Scrach while working on your doctorate. 



I too would like to know this, I am currently undertaking my honours project which involves researching the use of Scratch in the primary classroom (used with kids age 8 and 9 years)