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Do your students keep Creative Computing Design Journals?

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ScratchEd Team
Do you use the Creative Computing Guide in your classroom? 

Do your students keep Design Journals, where they can brainstorm ideas and reflect on their learning? 

We'd love your help gathering examples* of student journals to share with the online community. 

*Physical and digital examples are welcome, as well as any insights from your practice, such as how you structure the journaling process. 

The ScratchEd Team 
Ulrich Sommer
Very nice: I'm giving a Scratch course in my school (as a parent) and I did not have the idea to let my pupils make some kind of journal.

I will do now!

cobie van de ven
I do Scratch workshops in series of ten after school. In their journals (10 blank A4 sheets stapled together) they write and draw plans and stories and their reflections.
In the last 10 minutes it is 5 minutes totally quiet and everyone works in the design journal. Then starts the tiding up.
And the next lesson I always read a few journals. After a few lessons a student suggested that it was better if they could work with colors. Then they could better clarify some things and would make it look nicer.
My experience is that analoge journals gives them good focus, generates a lot of attention for their actions, creativity and diversity, is more inviting to work in the design journal at other times. The frontal reading and scroll back increases the importance of reflection.
At the closing exhibition after 10 lessons for parents and family  the design journals were amongst other items (videos,  projects, activities and photos) a real attention grabber and much cause for conversation.
I made an impression of some jounal pages 
Wilhelmina Peragine
Thank you for sharing this video and description, Cobie.

I noticed their use of color immediately, and it's exciting to see the diverse ways in which they express their processes and products. 

Alexis Cobo
Here is the link to a current Design Journal for a 4th Grade pair-programming video game design project. The design journal is still under development, but this is a Google Slides format, so you may view it as the classroom teachers and I work on changing it to meet both the Social Studies and Computer Science content area goals/objectives.
Wilhelmina Peragine
Awesome! Thanks for sharing, as always, Alexis!