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Hello, help with my project please

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Juan Pablo Llanos


Sorry, mi natal language is spanish and my english is very basic, so try to understand me please.
I'm Colombian, 16.
I'm cursing the last year in my school and I have to present a project as a requirement for graduation (like a thesis).
I decided to work about Scratch and how Scratch can help the teachers in their classrooms,  if you want to view my pre-project, write me and i'll show you.
I need help to how can I give training for the teachers to learn how to use Scratch. 
I'm open to suggestions and tips
Thanks in advance

Juan Pablo Llanos


liliana barreiro

Hola Juan Pablo

Me gustaría más saber sobre tu proyecto para ayudarte. Puedes mandarlo a mi mail

Saludos desde argentina

Amanda Ford



if you would like to send me more details of your project I will see if I can assist you in any way.  I am a research student and have been using Scratch for 3 years to teach children about programming.


Best wishes


Amanda ( email - )

Juan Pablo Llanos

 Oh thanks, I will try to translate my pre-project and send you.


Juan Pablo Llanos


My coordinator told me that the project will only serve to natural sciences, as these are easier to illustrate. I do not know how I could use Scratch for math or other subjects.
Thanks and blessings