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Scratch and students with special needs

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Karen Brennan

Hi everyone,

As a followup to my earlier message, EDC (Education Development Center) is still looking for teacher partners interested in working helping to create and study uses of Scratch that address the needs of special needs students, along with other students. They’re interested in hearing asap — by Monday July 18th --  from: 

  • Middle school teachers or media specialists (any subject area) who have.... 
  • Used Scratch with students who have mild to moderate disabilities (including cognitive delays, ADHD, Aspergers Syndrome, or emotional / behavioral disorders)....
  • In any of several settings:  inclusion settings, pull-out resource room settings, or self-contained special ed settings. 



Vicki Gold

I would appreciate if you could pass my name along to the EDC people. I am planning to gradually move full-time into working with Special Ed kids with Scratch, tablets, etc, and move away from mainstream High School students.

Thanks as always,

Vicki Gold