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Teacher's/Administrator's perspective ?

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Medha Narayanan

I am a graduate student in the Technology, Innovation, and Education Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

I am currently working to develop resources as a guide for school administrators to understand the context and benefit of programming, Scratch. Amidst all the information, I am looking to capture the essence of what would be useful for them to know that can be presented in a concise and effective format (short video/pamphlet).
It would help me immensely to get some thoughts on this from teachers/school administrators.
Please let me know if you could spare 15 minutes for a quick chat or share your thoughts on this thread/point me to resources you might consider relevant. 

Thanks a lot!

Timothy Smith

I am the principal at a middle school (grades 5-8), and I am planning on starting an after school Scratch club. One of the things that I think you need to stress with administrators and parents is the creative naure of coding. There is some negative buzz at times around the thought that kids spend too much "screen time." There could also be some push back if people view it as "gaming."

Good luck, and let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Tim Smith