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teaching artists coding using scratch

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Greg Giannis
I am an artist, programmer and researcher. I am researching the teaching of software to artists. My experience has been that there is a great deal of resistance to this. I am interested to learn what has been the experience of other educators who teach coding to artists using scratch.
Thank You
Dr Greg Giannis
Wilhelmina Peragine
Hi Greg,

Thanks for (re)posting this post. I have a background working teaching artists, but not working with TAs and coding. I'm curious to know more about the resistance you've heard about and I wonder whether it was the subject (was it discomfort with digital media?) or the way the subject was introduced (was it a mandate?).

Here's a ScratchEd story from last year that relates - about an Artist in Residence who uses Scratch with student artists:

Direct link to Nathan's blog here:

I would love to continue this conversation and keep looking for resources.