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Creating Usernames and passwords for a class

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Santosh Zachariah

I am keen to hear what strategies  teachers have been using to setup and track new classes on Scratch 2.0?


We've been introducing Scratch to 4th graders for 4-5 years now.  Students save their work to network shares, on which teachers have read-write privileges.  That makes it easy for me to track and evaluate student work.


For 2013-2014 I'd like to start using Scratch 2.0.  I am NOT keen to have 4th graders choosing new usernames and passwords for every web-based app they go to.    And even if I could swing that, I am not sure how to track student work.  


All our students have Google Apps accounts, so using Google Authentication would certainly be a plus for us.






Michelle Choi

There is a plan to implement "educator accounts", hopefully by the end of this summer. Check out this similar discussion where I posted more information about it.

Michelle, on behalf of the ScratchEd Team

Jonathan Fichter

 Great question. I'm wondering the same thing. Have you learning anything more about this since you posted?


Tynker, a rival service that is very similar to Scratch, has Google Apps integration....