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Custom Block Types

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Bernd Gärtner

 I'm really excited about custom blocks in Scratch 2.0! My question is: what types of custom blocks will there be? In the Scratch 2.0 preview, a "jump" custom block was presented which is a stack block. Will there also be custom reporters such as in BYOB? Thanks in advance for any answer!


Bernd Gärtner

Thanks, John! I'm glad to hear that custom reporters are in the pipeline. But already with custom command blocks, Scratch becomes a serious competitor for LOGO in systematic programming courses for children.

John Maloney

 Hi, Bernd.

We've had many intresting discussions with Brian Harvey and Jens Mönig (creator of BYOB) about these things...

In the first release of Scratch 2.0, we plan to support only custom command blocks. We are considering extending that to also support custom reporter blocks in the future. However, I don't think we are likely to ever add first-class functions (i.e. closures) to Scratch.

  -- John