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Help Translate Scratch 2.0

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ScratchEd Team

With the release of Scratch 2.0 approaching, the Scratch Team has been working hard to make Scratch 2.0 available in as many languages as possible.

Abdulrahman Idlbi is leading in the translation efforts and has developed the Scratch Translation Server at Currently, the website contains the translation files for the Scratch 2.0 programming blocks and editor interface, and more parts will be added soon, including the Scratch 2.0 website and support materials.

 You can read more about the process at

If you would like to help translate Scratch 2.0, please sign up for an account on the translation server. You can also get involved by spreading the word and contributing forum posts about translation issues in your home language.

If you have any questions related to Scratch translation, please post a comment here or contact Abdulrahman at

jackey chen


Just  a few days ago, i translated BYOB 3.11 english edition into simple chinese. I'm looking forward to learning  Scratch 2.0 as early as possible,  maybe i could translate part of english edition of Scratch 2.0  into simple chinese editon. If possible, tell me please. 


Abdulrahman Y. idlbi

 Hi Jackey,

Thank you for offering help, and you can certainly contribute to Scratch translation. You have first to create an account on Scratch translation server. Then send your translation username to, and I'll send you what to do from there. Thanks again.