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Scratch 2.0 Feedback

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ScratchEd Team

The prototype of Scratch 2.0 is now live and will remain available until May 21 at 9pm EDT. Try out Scratch 2.0 at:


We'd love to hear what educators think about the new features in Scratch 2.0, especially in thinking about how it might affect you and your students. Please share any feedback, questions, or suggestions below.

Bea Cantor

Love the backpack, cloud data, and vector graphics. 

I hope a few features make it into the final version. Commenting, autopopulating of the coordinates in motion blocks come to mind. 

I had hoped it would not be flash so my students and I could Scratch on our iPads.  

David Grammerstorf

 First impressions:

  • The reorganization of the Script categories is intuitive (data, events, control).
  • Reworking "backgrounds" as "scenes" is a great idea. "Scenes" does a better job communicating that there is more to it than an image behind the action.
  • The interactivity using webcams is, hands down, my favorite part of this new version. Looking at some of the examples folks have posted, it's easy to see how Scratch projects can head in whole new directions. Now I just need to figure out how to use these video blocks...
susan evans
  • I really like that control and events are two different menus. I am, however, worried that the color contrast between these two and data is not different enough.
  • I of course love clone, and the ability to make your own blocks; the backpack is great as well
  • still wish forever if didnt exist -- its a pain in the classroom since students usually expect it to do something other than what it does
  • curious if the right-click menus will exist in the new version
cobie van de ven

 I think it's great. All these new options online. Now i can give my courses everywhere. No more installing. One question: Wil the Lego WeDo blocks work in the online version?

Sheena Vaidyanathan

Scratch 2.0 is fantastic - nice, clean design that already works well, congratulations on a job well done. I have used most features - except the video camera stuff. I teach programming to 6th graders and I can see Scratch 2.0 will be an excellent tool.

  1.  The Make your own block was essential and it is finally here. I used to use Logo just for the Procedures/ defines and now I can stay with Scratch for the entire year. I will even be able to teach a little on recursion. BTW a longer recursion crashed - not sure if this is something that will be fixed later - a graceful exit perhaps for programs that have bugs/take too many resources? The Make block parameters is very nicely done, though not as obvious with different shapes for different data types. Also if you delete the block define by dragging it off by mistake, it does not come back!
  2.  Love the cloning feature but needs some explanation. I was not sure what code must go into Clone startup and what can go into the main loop. A best practices lesson on this is important.
  3.  Did you remove the commenting feature - my students do not write comments but am hoping they will one day!
  4. I hope that you will provide a class account - a local community so my students can safely share their early projects within a class but not the entire community.
  5.  I am very excited about the vector graphics. My students have used Inkscape, open source vector graphics software and now they can create directly in Scratch. Vector graphics have a clear math connection and can be an integral part of the lesson, not just as a way to create graphics.
  6.  I would like a way for you to add copyright/acknowledge images to a project - make students aware of what they get from Google images is not necessarily free and ok to use!   Thank you for Scratch 2.0 , it will be a big hit next school year....
Simon Walters

 And of course I don't want the alpha todie on May21st!

Simon Walters

 Just had a quick look and liking the scenes concept (for doing animations) and the Make a Block but either want parameters for them (or pointing out how to add them if it already has that facility)