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Scratch 2.0 Preview

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ScratchEd Team

In the March 2012 ScratchEd Webinar, Mitch Resnick showed a sneak preview of Scratch 2.0. He demonstateed how Scratch 2.0 connects to the four design-based learning principles:

  • Learning through designing
  • Learning through personalizing
  • Learning through sharing
  • Learning through reflection

During the webinar, participants asked questions and shared suggestions for Scratch 2.0, particularly around implementing the next version in schools and the development of curriculum and support materials.

Click on the image below to view the webinar recording.


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Michelle Choi

Hi Bernd,

Currently, custom blocks will only be for the sprite you create them under. However, once you define a block,  you could copy the procedure into your "backpack" to be used in another sprite or project.




Bernd Gärtner

 I just watched the recoding of the webinar, and I was really impressed with the preview! Thanks a lot for all the work that went/will go into this! The new feature that I like most is parameterized blocks; I always found it a bit embarassing that Scratch was lagging behind good old LOGO in this respect. This new feature will make teaching Scratch simpler for me, since I'm  always trying to make the point that a large task should be subdivided into many small ones. In Scratch 1.4 this procedural programming approach was not really supported.

One question  though: can custom blocks be shared among sprites? For example, if I need two sprites to jump, do I need to copy the definition of the jump block?