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Reflections: Scratch Educator Meetup- Lexington, KY April 25, 2015

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Leanna Prater
After rescheduling our meetup twice due to weather, we were so excited to have our first KY Scratch Educator Meetup at Awesome, Inc in Lexington, KY!  

Three of the teachers from Lexington had a chance to attend a fabulous Scratch Educator Meetup in NYC earlier this school year, so we were really excited to bring the meetups to our area. The Scratch Ed Meetup Guide was extremely helpful in organizing our event.  Thank you Scratch Ed team for putting together a fantastic resource! 

We had 26 attendees including teachers, school administrators, college professors and community partners. After a brief welcome, we began the morning with a overview of what a meetup is and how it is a great way to build and support a community of Scratch Educators in Kentucky.  Keeping in the unconference format, participants wrote two things they wanted to learn, disuss or share while at the meetup for building our sessions.  We completed the "Meet Up with" activity from the Scratch Ed Meetup Guide and then broke off into interest groups.  Since this was our first meetup, we had three session: Beginning Scratch, Elementary Integration Ideas and Middle/High Integration Ideas.  Groups met for an hour, with great discussion on everything from ways to introduce Scratch to students to connecting Scratch to content standards. We wrapped up our morning with a great lunch sponsered by our Kentucky Society for Technology Education (KySTE) and conversations of future meetups.

We've created a Google + Community to continue conversations and post information regarding our meetups!