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Reflections on Scratch Educator Meetup @ MIT: Saturday, October 01, 2011

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ScratchEd Team

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us on Saturday for our first Scratch educator meetup of the school year! We're thrilled to be offering them again this year -- and look forward to future meetups with you

Here are some lists, videos, and links from Saturday's session...

Here's a list of people who attended Saturday's meetup:

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Show & Tell
Videos of the Show & Tell presentations are available online.


Future Events

What a great start to the school year! We look forward to meeting up with you again!

Karen and Michelle on behalf of the ScratchEd Team

ScratchEd Team

You can view pictures taken during the October Meetup on Flickr at

If you have photos from the meetup you'd like to share, join the Scratch Educator Meetups Flickr Group!