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Scratch Educator Meetup @ MIT: Saturday, April 16, 2011

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ScratchEd Team

Saturday, April 16, 2011
MIT Media Lab

Want to learn more about Scratch?

Want to meet other Scratch educators and share ideas?

Join us at MIT Media Lab for a three-hour BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) meetup for educators, where we will:

  • explore the core ideas underlying Scratch
  • guide you through hands-on activities
  • share strategies for integrating Scratch into classroom practice
  • introduce you to ScratchEd, a companion website where educators share their Scratch ideas, experiences, and resources

The meetup is open to all Boston-area educators, including those that have no previous Scratch experience. We particularly encourage educators from the same school, program, etc. to attend together as a group. Registration is limited to 40 people. The workshop is free and includes lunch.

Need more information?

Check out the Scratch Events Page or email us at

Karen Brennan

Ah, my apologies, we sent out the wrong link for the NYC meetup, pointing to this thread -- if you're looking for the NYC meetup, the discussion area for that is at

Susan Ettenheim

 I am also (Ricarose) interested in learning how to look at a Scratch project and take the student to the next level - whatever is right for that person... I know this is not a simple process...

Susan Ettenheim

 I would like to do a breakout session around building games in Scratch. I'd also be interested in meeting other people from high schools using Scratch in school or out of school.

Ricarose Roque

I would like to do a breakout session around assessment. Thinking about questions like: How do you assess your students' projects?  How do you identify what areas they could improve upon or where they need to be challenged more? How do you assess your own Scratch activities?

Anyone interested? 

Looking forward to the Meetup!