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Scratch Educator Meetup @ MIT: Saturday, June 18, 2011

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Karen Brennan

Saturday, June 18, 2011
MIT Media Lab

Want to learn more about Scratch?

Want to meet other Scratch educators and share ideas?

Join us at MIT Media Lab for the final educator meetup of the school year. In this three-hour BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) meetup for educators, we will:

  • explore the core ideas underlying Scratch
  • guide you through hands-on activities
  • share strategies for integrating Scratch into classroom practice
  • introduce you to ScratchEd, a companion website where educators share their Scratch ideas, experiences, and resources

The meetup is open to all Boston-area educators, including those that have no previous Scratch experience. We particularly encourage educators from the same school, program, etc. to attend together as a group. Registration is limited to 40 people. The workshop is free and includes lunch.

Ready to register? Sign up at

Algot Runeman

Saturday was FUN!

Thanks, everybody. Glad to meet you all.

Here's a short video of my feet. The "Can't Catch Me" car was no great feat, for sure. Ho, ho.


Karen Brennan

I'm looking forward to Saturday's meetup. Based on registration, here are things that people have identified as goals for the gathering:


Creating with Scratch

  • Practice some hands-on Scratch
  • Learn how to create games for 3-5th grade that teach ELA and math skills
  • Learn how to use the codes to create games
  • Learn how to process images from outside Scratch, to use as sprite costumes and backgrounds for stages
  • Learn more about pico boards
  • Learn something about Scratch in connection with the Lego WeDo kit

Exploring how Scratch is being used in learning environments

  • Learn where Scratch is in use around Massachusetts along with other creative computer uses in K12 ed
  • Learn more about Scratch and how best to use it in and out of the classroom
  • Learn more about how teachers are applying this and other game technologies
  • Learn more about Scratch lesson plans on Scratch
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the many dimensions of Scratch
  • Learn more about ScratchEd, and how it can help me as an educator
  • Share different ways to engage imagination and motivation without putting too many restraints or pressure on the kids
  • Discuss how to encourage my students to become more interested in creating programs!
  • Talk about forming a Scratch Advocacy group                                                                                               

Connecting with others

  • Meet others and plan for the next term
  • Meet with other teachers   


See you Saturday at 10!