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Scratch Educators in Nunavut/NWT/Yukon

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Adam Laforet
I know there must be some of us! I'm just about to begin folding Scratch into my classroom, and I'd love to hear how that went for other people who teach in Canada's north. I'm a little nervous about the whole project because I'll be learning right alongside the kids, but I think there's some greta potential there. I'd be especially interested to hear about anyone's experiences using Scratch as a motivating tool for ELL students, of which I have many. Anyway, I don't expect a ton of replies to this, but hopefully there are at least a handful of you out there.


Adam Laforet
Marvellous! I've asked to join. Thanks Alexa.
Alexa Kutler
Hi Adam!
This is a great question. I'd encourage you to also post this in the Teaching with Scratch Facebook Group, where we're migrating many of our Scratch-related discussions.