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Scratch workshops during the school year

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Beth Stoudt
I"m a teaching in northeast PA. I'm looking to attend a teacher workshop on using Scratch. I could travel into New Jersey. I'm looking for day workshops verus at night. Or if not during the school year are there good workshops during the summer ?
Thank you.
Beth Stoudt
Please keep me posted for the January workshop. If that is in NYC I can make that. Depending on the times I might be able to attend the Dec 6 in the morning. Looking for summer - week long workshop or two - three days.
Derek Breen
Hey Beth,

I will be teaching 2 workshops, but there will be many to choose from, at Scratch Day NYC and Connecticut:

December 6, 2014 at Teachers College in New York City
January 24, 2015 at Greenwich Academy in Greenwich, Connecticut

For more information go to

CSNYC is also in the process of scheduling a longer, teacher-focused workshop which will expand last weekend's Scratch Curriculum Workshop, mostly likely to occur in mid-to-late January.  If you are interested I can send more information, or keep an eye on this site as we will surely post announcements here.
Leanna Prater
Hi Beth Stoudt!  I met you on the shuttle at the Philadelphia Airport going from one terminal to the next. We had a great conversation about Scratch and you shared some great ideas! I was one of the teachers from KY headed to the meetup in NYC!  The workshop in NYC was fabulous! We came back to KY full of ideas.  Small world. :)  I will email you later so we can keep in touch!
Beth Stoudt
Unfortunately, I will be in Pittsburgh that weekend.
ScratchEd Team
Hi Beth,

We're hosting an introductory Scratch workshop in New York City later this month if that's not too far...

More info and registration is available at

Michelle, on behalf of the ScratchEd Team