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ScratchNYC Meetup Notes

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Derek Breen
30+ educators, parents and students met to discuss Scratch, share tricks and co-imagine a Scrach-hacked world...  Here are our session notes.
Derek Breen
If you share the project and send me the link then I can take a look at your code.
Susan Ettenheim
 Hi everyone,

Here is an example of what I was talking about when I said I need other teachers for collaboration! Right now this is a drawing project with a finger and Leap Motion. We are using the offline Scratch 2.0. It draws and draws then all of sudden it starts making sharp straight lines when you move the finger instead of what the finger is doing. We are baffled. Has anyone else had similar trouble?

One of my students figured out that a hand keeps a connection with the Leap Motion better than a finger but in another game being built, two fingers work to move two characters in a game but two hands cause confusion as they overlap too easily.

All thoughts, collaborations will be appreciated!