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ScratchEd Weekly Roundup | 07/13/13 - 07/19/13

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ScratchEd Team

The weekly roundup is where the ScratchEd Team shares some of the major -- as well as some of the overlooked -- news, stories, and events related to Scratch that took place throughout the week.

ScratchEd Weekly Roundup
07/13/13 - 07/19/13 

These are just a few things that we found. Do you have news from the week that you'd like to share? Please post it as a comment below.

sankar srivatsa

Seal Point Academy successfully completed a three day free workshop on Creative Computing for teachers in the state of California. Teachers from Los Angeles and Sacramento area attended the workshop, networked and shared the ideas and challenges to introduce Scratch programming in their classrooms. Teachers from Elementary, Middle and High school attended and were very excited about introducing the computing classes to their students.  Another good news is Elk Grove School district offered teachers 18 hours of Professional Development for those who attended the workshop.


We are glad Seal Point Academy is able to offer this workshop for free, and be instrumental in assisting teachers to introduce programming in their classroom.  We are very thankful for the Elliot Ranch School to open their computing lab and specail thanks to Mike Garguilo at the School in assisting us.


In case your school district is interested in workshop like these, Seal Point Academy will be very glad to offer this to your teachers.


-Sankar Srivatsa, Ph.D

Founder, Seal Point Academy