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ScratchEd Weekly Roundup | 11/16/13 - 11/22/13

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ScratchEd Team

The weekly roundup is where the ScratchEd Team shares some of the major -- as well as some of the overlooked -- news, stories, and events related to Scratch that took place throughout the week.

ScratchEd Weekly Roundup
11/16/13 - 11/22/13 

These are just a few things that we found. Do you have news from the week that you'd like to share? Please post it as a comment below.

Natalie Rusk
Thanks for letting us know, Sharon! The link to the Scratch coordinator job is now working.
Sharon Jason
 I was able to get the answer to this myself. The position is still open and they are working on restoring the link.

Sharon Jason

The link for Community coordinator does not work. Do you know whether the position has already been filled or if there is a problem with the link?

Thank you for your help!