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Twitter handles?

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Stephen Howell

Hi all,

Excited to be meeting you all soon.

My handle on Twitter is @saorog, please follow me during the conference or add your own handle here if you like.

I've added everyone here (and who RT'ed my tweet) as members to a public list on my Twitter account:!/saorog/scratchmit2012

My US phone number for July is 617-678-9639




Susan Ettenheim

 I'm @susanettenheim - looking forward to connecting!

Matt Arnold

I am @matt8bit - feel free to follow and connect!

David Grammerstorf




Looking forward to it!

Brian Foley

 I am @csunfoley (thought I havent been tweeting much this summer).  See you all #scratchmit2012

Kim Wilkens

My twitter name is @kimxtom.  I'm bringing my son Xander who just helped me wrap up a 2-week tech camp which included Scratch & Kinect2Scratch (& Alice, Arduino, Mindstorms, stop-motion, green-screening and much more...).  We are looking forward to seeing what others are doing with Scratch and I'm especially interested in getting more girls interested in CS and I think Scratch is a key element.

Vera De Leon

My username:    @MsVeraDLeon

I am from Mexico.


Laurie Bartels


I am @brainbits on Twitter and will be at the conference Wednesday (for the WeDo workshop) through Friday. Looking forward to following folks, meeting folks, and playing with Scratch!



Laurie Bartels

LS STEAM Integrator

Riverdale Country School, Bronx, NY

Susan Ettenheim

 Hi Laurie!

Where are you staying? I'll be in the dorms with my students - we'll be doing a workshop on Thursday - hope to say hello!

Tracy Rudzitis

my Twitter name is @wagongrrl and I am always excited to follow other educators who are involved in Scratch, Logo, Robotics, programming etc with their students.

I will be at the conference Thursday through Saturday and will be doing a "poster presentation" on Thursday about putting on Scratch Days in your communities.


-Tracy Rudzitis

The Computer School, NYC

Susan Ettenheim

 Hi Tracy,

Are you bringing students? We'll be sure to come by your poster! I'll have 7 students and our workshop is on Thursday. Looking forward to catching up!