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You + Saturday at Scratch@MIT = Awesome

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Karen Brennan

People often wonder if they should stay for the final day of a conference. For Scratch@MIT, I think the answer is a resounding yes. :) And here are three reasons why...

Reason #1: Awesome third keynote

I'm thrilled to announce a great third keynote on Saturday morning from 9:30-10:30am, featuring 5 third-graders and their teachers, discussing their experiences of a district-wide Scratch initiative.

Reason #2: Scratcher Show & Tell

Just added to the program on Saturday at 11:00am, we'll have a session featuring young Scratchers sharing their projects in a Show & Tell format.

Reason #3: Fantastic sessions

In addition to the Show & Tell session, we have fantastic concurrent sessions, including: two presentations about computational thinking, an international and collaborative hands-on Scratch workshop, and a panel about collaboration in the Scratch online community.


Susan Ettenheim

 Two years ago, the Saturday program was GREAT so my students and I are definitely in for Saturday. We have reservations for the bus that leaves Boston at 3:30 to return to NYC. By the way, my other chaperone wants to stay in Boston. Any other adults/groups planning on that bus too who would be willing to be my second adult? With just 6 great high schoolers, I don't anticipate any problems but that's of course why we're required to have a second adult....