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Batch Reset All Classroom Student Passwords

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Mr. Stone
I am looking to next September and can already envision many of my students not remembering their school Scratch accounts I created for them.  The only way I notice to change password is to manually go to each individual account.  Can I upload a new csv file with the Scratch user names that I already created with a new passwrod or will that oeverwrite or duplicate current accounts.

Thank you in advance. We are very much looking to impletment Scratch into the full school curriculum , as we have gone 1:1 with Chromebooks, not just using Scratch  in my Technology class. Very excited! 
Mr. Stone
Thank you for the replies. I have about 150  to 200 accounts to reset, I'll start plugging away with resetting them. I think I will do the same and assign the same password as the same and anyone that wants to change it certainly may.  I have grades 3 through 8 with accounts with the hopes of getting grade 2 in as well. 
Christan Balch
Hi there! The csv feature is only for new accounts; if you try to upload a csv with usernames that have already been created on the site, nothing will happen (it will just show an error on the screen). At this time, the only way to change the passwords is to do it manually. However, in the password change screen, you have two options: to change the password to something specific, or to simply prompt the student upon login to change it themselves - which may be the faster option, if you are doing many of these. 
Elaine Margaritis
Hello Mr. Stone,

My technology class is a 12-week course.  Even though we had a set pattern for creating a password, which was: SC + student ID, students still forgot their passwords.  Everyone was assigned the same password during the third trimester.  There were no problems with students accessing each other's accounts.

Not the best solution, but it worked.