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Child's Thinking and Scratch

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Rawda N.Fathy

 Hi everybody 

                 Two weeks ago was my first trial of scratch with kids.I didn't think that it could have great effect on them, but also it helped them to express their ideas,imagination differently.To illustrate this, two days ago I asked them to pick his or her favorite creature and make it move.The great thing was that every one of them used programming scripts different from her or  his friend.In addition they shared their achievements together shouting "woow we could move it using such  a many methods".They could express their thinking through Scratch,.
Since I am a new educator, I want to ask questions about my story;
                        1-Is there any curriculum or outline that may  help me to interact more with those 6 years kids?

                        2- How could I support kids' development of computational thinking ? they explored those scripts without any help from .....I think they explored and tried 
                        3- Kids were very delighted and happy during learning and exploring ...that encouraged me to think of making research about that and introduce it to schools to be part of the educational curriculum in my country ....could you tell me how to organize my conclusions ?

I hope you all share your ideas and suggestions ...I am eager  to hear about your stories.

Thank you all so much,
Michelle Choi

Hi Rawda,

Thanks for sharing your experiences! Have you seen the Scratch curriculum guide? It includes lesson plans to help introduce students to computational thinking using Scratch.