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Collecting feedback after experiences with Scrach

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Roberto Catanuto

I am going to start a scratch activity in an after school club in a few days.

I wonder how to collect the effectiveness of the activity, in a more quantitative way. Not just with questions like:

- did you like this software ?

- would you like to attend a second course ?

- was programming this way fun for you ?


I think about something that dives into kids' specific abilities, like collaboration, creativity, attention etc. to "measure" them more clearly, if possible.


If you have something related, please share.

Thank you very much !

Roberto Catanuto

 Thanks. I wait for your suggestions.


Karen Brennan

I'll post something about this soon, but we had a great discussion about this topic at the most recent Scratch educator meetup. The short version: have kids talk about their own projects and about someone else's project.