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Connecting to physical world ( sphero )

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Alain Botrel


If you are interested in  sphero and use it in schools with scratch   I can send my scratch project...(it is  not shared on scratch website because there is experimental extensions )
It use  S2bot and sphero_template.sb2 evolution ( Many Thanks to Scraxe  )

See these videos ( french language )

start  ( 8min 50s ) boot detection , bluetooth calibration and  tests

video    create a programm to move sphero  14 secondes

 next video  complicate the programm

next video How to run scratch and sphero on a distant computer with internet and skype and teamviewer  9min 39sec

see also  on  scratch web site
 calibration  and  starting


Barbara Peskin
I am interested in your Scratch project and any ideas for incorporating Scratch with the Sphero SPRK.